Motor and Inverter Testing

Equipmake has a fully instrumented motor test dynamometer facility. The facility has the capability to test motors up to 200kW, with voltages between 200V – 800V DC. The same facility has a bespoke rig built to test a 120,000 rpm 17kW MGU.

The facility incorporates a Newtons 4th PPA 4530 precision power analyser system for accurate analysis of motor efficiency, Real power, and harmonic content. Additionally, the facility has full instrumentation for the measurement of cooling performance and heat rejection for water and oil cooled motors, with fully thermostatically controlled water and oil cooling circuits.

The motor dyno is geared allowing motors up to 20,000 rpm to be tested.

Equipmake has built a bespoke test rig to test a 120,000 rpm turbine motor.

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