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The Spoke Motor

  • Automotive Validation to ISO16750-2, ISO60529 X7, ISO20653 6X, BS EN60068-2-52 Kb, BS EN60068-2-1,  BS EN60068-2-2,
  • Available with or without Inverter
  • Low Volume Production Pricing Available

The next generation of the Electric Motor

The APM200 has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of a high-performance traction motor. Its unique spoke architecture enables the rotor to be liquid cooled increasing the motors continuous power output capability. The motor has a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm and incorporates an integral 5.5 :1 epicyclic gearbox which means that the output shaft of the gearbox can be connected directly to the wheel hub. The motor has a peak power of 220kW, and a peak torque of 450Nm.

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