Electronic Development

Equipmake has extensive experience in the development of Power Electronic systems across a number of industries.

Power electronic projects include the development of a patented system to control the railway signalling 650V Ac power supplies, the development of a system to provide AC mains power to a mobile food delivery vehicle, variable voltage DC power supplies for test equipment, and the development of motor control inverters.

For our motor projects, the development of the power electronic control units in parallel with the motor design, enable us to produce an optimised electronic / motor package. Often, a motor is designed, and then the power electronic inverter is chosen. This may result in a sub optimal design, which will also increase costs in production. We work closely with suppliers of IGBT’s and DC link capacitors, to enable us to produce the best design compromise, improving performance and reducing cost.

Functional Safety is an important requirement in hazardous applications such as automotive traction inverters. The automotive industry has recently agreed a new standard, ISO26262, which defines the requirements for the functional safety of electronic equipment on vehicles. Whilst the compliance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the manufacturer, the task can be assisted via the application of sub systems which have been designed with the standard in mind. Equipmake is currently developing an automotive inverter with safety features which will enable it to be part of a compliant ISO26262 system.

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