Bus Drivetrain

Cities Globally are increasingly demanding improvements in Air Quality, along with a continuous drive to ever lower CO2 emissions. Electric buses are recognised as a key contributor to the solution however the cost of the technology has so far resulted in low adoption.

Equipmake is developing a low cost electric bus drivetrain to provide a turnkey solution for coachbuilders to enable more widespread adoption of Electric Buses.

The Equipmake EBus drivetrain utilises 2 APM200 motors, mated with the proven Semikron SKAI inverters. The battery technology is provided by the latest generation batteries from AESC, which provides the batteries for the most successful electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf.

The Equipmake EBus drivetrain features a number of novel innovations, aimed at improving energy efficiency, and therefore increasing vehicle range and reducing capital cost.

The £2.5M development is being supported by funding from Innovate UK, and will see the first prototype vehicles testing in Q2 2019, with in service testing starting within the following year.

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